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With VividMaths you will always be able to find the topics and videos you need for your curriculum. All 2000 videos were made purposely for the American Curriculum and organised by expert course writers and teachers

Understand by Video

If you thought that maths is hard, boring or maybe it just sucks, then think again. Now you can cruise through your maths solutions with thousands of easy to follow maths video tutorials. Catch on quicker and make more sense of maths with vivid, fully illustrated ultra clear videos.

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If you have ever tried a maths exercise and got it incorrect, then checked and wondered how they got that answer then Video Powered Practice is the solution your looking for. Now you can try an exercise... And if it's incorrect, no problem because you will get instant feedback with a fully tutored video solution.

Master by Adaptive Practice

This is where the rubber meets the road - master your topics faster and extend yourself by applying your skills with interactive example after example. Build your solving skills quickly and prepare yourself for any test, quiz or exam. Exams don't really test what you know but rather... what you can do!